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The Hillandale Family is a trusted quality healthcare provider with over 50 years of experience operating healthcare and retirement communities. We know that you have a choice in who you turn to for advice and post hospital & outpatient rehabilitation services.

It’s logical that you would want to choose an experienced provider with consistent, successful outcomes. By combining the latest in physical, occupational and speech therapies, advanced technologies, and an in-house team of skilled, licensed professionals we have aided thousands in getting better, getting home, and getting back to a quality life. 

Our Sneakerz “Therapy & Wellness” features advanced pneumatic equipment by Kaiser, Hur and Biodex that reduce joint stress. We use ultrasound, electrical stimulation, Iontophoresis, paraffin heat and many other physical modalities. We use manual techniques including edema management, soft tissue management and many others.

The BioDex Balance unit and Gait Trainer will evaluate your balance capabilities and measure your progress. These machines can help rehabilitate total hip, knee replacement as well as a wide array of orthopedic and neurological conditions and generally improve overall mobility. 

Our in-house therapy cottage simulates home and helps patients re-learn daily living activities prior to returning to their own homes. Whether providing care in our progressive therapy and wellness center, healing through physical therapy or assisting with the transition home, our Team Synergy (use logo) program offers services to meet every post hospital care need.

We have in-house rehabilitation centers are open 7 days a week so that we can focus on successful patient outcomes-offering a quick return home with the highest rate of success.

Our therapists are your navigators on the road to recovery!

    • We employ our team, no out-sourcing
    • A complete team including Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapists
    • Highly trained and skilled in both acute and sub-acute medical conditions
    • A Neuro-Developmental Treatment Certified Therapist on site
    • An Outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapist on site
    • VitalStim Certified Therapist on site
    • A Hand Therapist on site

Whether your stay is short-term or long-term, our highly qualified therapists help retrain the body and mind to maximize recovery after an injury or illness.  Our wellness and fitness programs are fun, motivational and user-friendly. We use electronic and point-of-service documentation to accurately record your status and progress for your physician’s review.

In the Hillandale Family of Communities we believe a successful rehabilitation experience begins before you arrive at our centers.  Many times, you and your family may have questions about the transition from the hospital to the rehabilitation center. Our hospital liaison will visit you or your family member at the hospital to review the transition, discuss expectations and answer your questions. Family or friends are encouraged to visit Chesterwood or Doverwood prior to a loved one’s admission. Our personal approach enables you to focus on your recovery efforts instead of your worries.

While you are with us enjoy the entire Hillandale Healthcare community. Our Main Street entertainment villages (located at Chesterwood & Doverwood communities) exemplify our commitment to your personalized healthcare and retirement by offering live entertainment, daily movies, inspiring worship services, personalized hair styling, a gift shop, pet shop, ice cream parlor and so much more! We welcome you to our family, and invite you to enjoy our lively communities. There are so many things to do during your time of recovery.

  • Monarch Cinema – classic films and new releases
  • O’Smyley’s Pub – live entertainment, television & root beer
  • Maddy’s On Main – hair styling salon, spa services
  • Paxton’s Pet Shop – pets are a great source of affection & healing
  • Scoops Ice Cream Parlor…. And so much more!

What You Need to Know As You Begin Your Rehabilitation.

As you prepare to come to the rehabilitation center, here is a checklist of items you should bring:

  • Insurance Cards. Bring your primary & secondary insurance cards.
  • Comfortable Clothing:  Bring clothes that are easy to put on including undergarments, pajamas, shirts and slacks or warm-up suits.
  • Rubber Soled Shoes:  depending on the therapy your physician orders, you may want to bring supportive and comfortable shoes. It is important that the soles provide you with non-slip and ankle support.
  • Toiletries:  Our welcome pack provides a few basic toiletries. However, if you have special lotions, shampoos, toothpaste, etc. you are welcome to bring those items.
  • Copies of Living Will, Power of Attorney (if applicable):

Valuables: Patients are highly encouraged to keep money and/or valuables at home. Please note that we cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged valuables.

Visiting Hours:  Your family and friends are welcome to visit throughout your stay with us. Please feel free to enjoy the many amenities and events on Main Street. Please refer to the calendar posted in each room for more information.

Transportation: Typically, the hospital social worker will discuss transportation with you and your family and arrange the transportation if necessary.

Accommodations:  We offer private and shared-private rooms. Each room is equipped with a Temperpedic bed, accommodations for your clothing and personal items, cable television and private bathroom.

Physician Visits:  Many people think a rehabilitation center operates like a hospital. For example, you usually see a physician every day in the hospital. In a rehabilitation center the visit structure is different. Rehabilitation is the focus and our physicians provide oversight.

Laundry:  Our staff will launder your personal clothing during your stay. However we understand if you choose to have your family provide that service.

Insurance:  We accept most major insurances. Please call our Admissions Coordinator for more information at (513) 777-1400 extension 3073.

Length of Stay:  You may want to know how long you will stay with us. Your stay depends on your ability and motivation to get better and improve your health condition.  Our team wants you to go home as soon as you are able, and they work with you to accomplish this goal. One of the latest quality measurements is the rehabilitation center’s length of stay statistics. Our length of stay is much lower than the State and National averages. This is a clear indicator that your therapy team provides efficient, effective services to you.

Discharge Planning: In the Hillandale Family of Communities, we begin the Discharge Planning Process the day you arrive. Our Internal Collaborative (Team Synergy) -NOTE USE LOG) is an interdisciplinary team including Social Services, Nursing, Therapy and other departments. The team formally reviews your progress, your needs, your potential for a successful discharge to home, and your risk of hospital readmissions. This review is discussed with you during your stay.

We provide education about your condition as another way to overcome barriers to a successful transition home. Throughout your stay, the therapist introduces specific equipment that you may require at home for a successful continued recovery. Arrangements are then made to obtain this equipment prior to your discharge home.

Our team takes a few extra steps to ensure that you begin a successful journey home. You may have medications delivered to Hillandale that you will take home with you, thus eliminating a trip to your pharmacy. Also if your family/friend support is not available we will assist you in obtaining nutritious meals to take home. Lastly, we realize the importance of follow-up visits to your physicians, and we will assist you in scheduling these appointments.

Finally, Social Services works closely with Home Health Care for post-discharge coordination of your continued recovery. This coordination includes our Social Services staying in close contact with you. If it is determined that you need to return to In-Patient rehabilitation, we will coordinate this with Home Health care and you

The Hillandale Family has been a proud part of this community for more than 50 years, and have aided thousands of patients in getting better, getting home, and getting back to a quality life.  The results of our commitment are positive clinical outcomes, shorter length of stay and low readmission rates. There is simply no better place to get better than in the Hillandale Family.

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